Punctuation Police are Watching!



Becky brings us traditional Kenyan food

Becky Lyne popped in to Y4 with some home made, traditional Kenyan food. Oogali is a corn/flour based food – a staple diet for many Kenyans. The verdict from the food tasters was ‘mixed’, however, the banana and chocolate flavour went down a treat. In the photo Becky is pouring a milky, sweet cup of tea for the children. We have sent some letters to the children in Kamariny, Kenya and look forward to the replies.

Today was a wet play kind of day


Today I had lunch with Lee, Frank and Joshua. I then spent the rest of wet play, with Mrs Murkerker, in the class with Y4. There were colouring worksheets for the children but most of them opted to use their iPads. Ethan had fetched his guitar in and strummed a few chords with his friends. It was a really special time when you hang around with the children at social time and they occupy their time on their own terms.I am so lucky to have a wonderful class of children and I really look forward to our last half-term together. Have a fantastic holiday.

Words cannot express the pride and joy I felt when I spent the morning with 24 children, bag-packing at ASDA. They were absolutely amazing, every one of them. As a group they raised £430 in just two and a half hours. Numerous customers approached myself and Mrs Murkerker to praise the children and say how polite and charming they had been. The cashiers on the checkouts had mentioned how well the children had behaved to Kealey Gerrard, ASDA’s Community Officer. She was so impressed, she asked us to come back again in September. They were ALL brilliant and I believe we have shown the people in our community just how polite and positive Watercliffe Meadow children are.

Shaan Ali passes his Times Tables.

Congratulations to Shaan Ali who passed his Times Tables Test. He was a little nervous but composed himself and passed in a time of 1m 54s. This will certainly give Shaan a huge amount of confidence and satisfaction. He has worked hard to pass this test and Mr French, Taha and all the children in Year 4 are really proud of you. Keep up the hard work and you shall be rewarded!

We have made up a new game!

Me and Georgia made up a new game at dinner time called, ‘Hit The Wall’. You have to bounce on a Lolo Ball whilst throwing and catching a bouncy ball against a wall. This is a hard game but if you enjoy a challenge this will be the game for you. It is hard because you have to do two things at once. My sister came up with the name and it is really good fun. Reported by Madyson Gray


Becky Lyne teaches us to Recycle.

World class athlete Becky Lyne dropped into Year 4 today to teach us about recycling. Did you know, in a year, we throw out enough litter that could fill a convoy of double-decker buses that could stretch around the world two and a half times. What a load of rubbish! We are a throw away society and we need to reduce, re-use and recycle. In places like Kenya the locals are better at re-using everyday objects. Today, the children made some hand balls from old plastic bags and string. In the picture is Ciaran Tansley and his spherical hand ball. Thanks to Becky for inspiring the children to make links between recycling and our planets future.


Madyson Gray teaches us how to add fractions.

Madyson Gray helped me produce a poster on how to add fractions. We used an app called Comic Life to illustrate our point. In the picture Madyson is adding fractions and she is explaining what she is doing. We wanted to help everyone add fractions by creating a simple poster. The idea was to keep the explanation simple and not over complicate it. We would like to hear your feedback because we think these posters would look great in our classroom and/or around Watercliffe Meadow.


Lily Colley is on the Rockets!

Congratulations to Lily Colley on passing her Times Tables. This was an excellent achievement for Lily as she showed great resilience and kept coming back and asking for a test. The tenacious times table trooper passed in a time of 1m and 57s. Well done Lily, Y4 children, Mr French and your mum are really proud of you.


There is gold in the valleys.


ImageCongratulations to Perfect Pyramid Paradise who raised more money for our running track. The pyramid team worked really well as a team and ran a busy stall in a very professional way. Carson Sweeney was today’s lucky winner and found the lucky matchstick that won him five pounds. Who will be tomorrow’s lucky winner? Pay them a visit and pick 5 matchsticks for 20p. Good luck!