Oscar’s Birthday Song


Hello Y4. I have just played Oscar your Happy Birthday song and messages. He loved watching you all sing for him and says, “Thank you!” He is really lucky to have so many wishes and he loves the marbles, bouncy ball, crystals, pyramid and especially Donald Duck. You are all really special and I hope your weekend will be as good as ours. Love from Mr French and family.


Erin on the Rockets!


Congratulations to Erin Dalton, our latest rocketeer! She kept her cool and passed with an amazing time of 1 minute and 23 seconds. An amazing result. This was Erin’s second attempt and it was clear she had put in all the revision and hard work. All our Y4’s have a Times Table Test (T.T.T) date on the calendar. Every child knows who is having a TTT that week which adds to the pressure.
Well done Erin, Mr French and all the children in Y4 are really proud of you.

3 plus 5 Numicon investigation


Today we investigated numbers 3 and 5 with the Numicon. The children found all the multiples of 3 and shaded them green. Then they found multiples of 5 and shaded them orange. They also found all the combinations of 3 and 5 using addition and/or multiplication. We wondered how many squares we could shade on a hundred square. Could we shade every square apart from 1,2 and 4?
The results are on the Blog. Can you fill in the missing numbers?

Abdullah is our latest Rocket boy!


Congratulations to Abdullah who passed his times tables in a time of 1 minute and 40 seconds. This was Abdullah’s third attempt and he showed great resilience. Abdullah said, “I feel good because I passed my tables and now I want my divisions.” Mr French and all of Year 4 are really proud of you because you never gave in and you put in a great amount of effort.

Solving Sum and Product calculations with Numicon.


This week we used Numicon to solve sum and product problems. The Y4’s chose two numbers between 2 and 9. They added their chosen numbers and wrote down the ‘sum’. Then they multiplied the two numbers and wrote down the ‘product’. All the calculations were placed into our ‘spicy’ question box. The children then picked up random questions and worked out which numbers had been chosen based on the sum and product.

3 GT’s if you can solve this. My sum is 10 and my product is 24, what numbers did I choose? I have just checked the statistics. 999 comments have been made. Who will be the 1000th person to post a comment?

We have been working on Area and Perimeter


Can you spot your work? This week we have been measuring area and perimeter. The children have drawn various rectangles, squares and triangles and worked out their areas and perimeters. They have also drawn different 2d shapes using either their area or perimeter. I really like the care taken with their work and the skills shown using a ruler and graph paper. This was the first time the children chose their own learning. They had a choice of mild (hard), spicy (harder) or hot (hardest). They really liked the ‘chilli choices’ and we will definitely be doing this again.

Tennis match between arch rivals!


After school I witnessed a terrific game of tennis between our Y4 teacher, Mr Arch and our P.E teacher and top sports coach, Mr Gill. I stood on the grassy knoll and took aim with my iPad camera. Both players were extremely good at their game but there was one overall winner. Congratulations to Mr Arch who won 2 sets to 0 (6-0 6-1). We have renamed the grassy knoll ‘Arch Hill’.

How many visitors have viewed our posts?


Congratulations everyone. We have reached over 3000 views and nearly 900 comments from all around the world. There have been visitors from Finland, Canada, Kenya, Chile and America. A big thank you to all the children at Watercliffe Meadow but especially the wonderful treasures in Y4 DF. Keep on making comments and enjoying the Blog. Kind regards, Declan French.

Discovering Magic Squares with Numicon

Today we used Numicon to investigate magic squares. First, the children had to fill a 3 by 3 square with Numicon shapes 1, 2 and 3 so each row, column and diagonal equaled six. This task was quite easy for my class but the next task was an even harder challenge. They had to fill a 3 by 3 square with Numicon shapes 1 to 9 so each row, column and diagonal equaled 15. The children love to solve problems and they really worked well in their teams. Six groups finished the task. Oh yes, before the second challenge they had to find the magic number. Can you remember how this is done? All correct answers will receive 2 Golden Tickets. Have a great weekend.