Last day in Y4

It's the last day in Y4 everyone's enjoying dancing,playing games and taking pictures on their iPads. Kids and teachers have being playing monopoly , dancing , taking pictures and smiling all afternoon. I wish everyone in Y4 a happy last day in Mr French's class see you all soon. Reported by Georgia .







Today, on the playing field, some kids and teachers played a really tough game of serious football. Shaan was the star player for Y4 he was as good as gold. Teachers vs kids can you guess who won? Teachers!!!!!!!!!! Mr B said “go back to loser ville” to the kids that put the effort in. Lily said “even though it was hot I really enjoyed it “.Reported by Georgia and Rafal.

Last party in Y4


The Y4 had a great time at the party yesterday dancing ,smiling and putting on a show. Everyone had fun playing musical statues at the party even though there was a few fall outs but it was still a brilliant party and everyone enjoyed it. Mr French was a great dancer not really. Reported by Georgia Rafal.

Party In Year 4



What a wonderful way to spend our last Thursday together. The children provided the food, decided the music choices and made up some games. I had a great time chatting, laughing and dancing with everyone. I have had the most magnaflorius time with all of you and I really look forward to watching your development and learning progress in Year 5. I wish all of you a super Summer holiday because you all deserve one. Remember to keep up with your Summer reads and give the home learning project a go. I’m going to construct the Empire State building in 3D. Don’t tell your parents your’e bored because you can go to the library and try the Creepy House reads and earn stickers. Stay safe and remember the Golden Rules apply in and out of school. Love Mr French.
P.S. I will be posting pictures of my Summer Holiday so stay tuned and leave a comment or two. X

Mr French and Mrs Murkerker Picture Collage


I successfully made a picture collage of my favourite teachers Mr French and Mrs Murkerker. I did this because it would be a nice way to celebrate before I move to Y5. The pictures are really linked to most of my memories of Mr French and Mrs Murkerker. All of Y4 DF will miss these brilliant teachers because of all their hard work teaching us , helping us and making us better learners.

The Latest Craze in Year 4


A new craze is sweeping through my class. Hand Clapping games have been a popular pastime for many years and the children love them. The kids have found one they like on Youtube and copied it. Other children have changed the lyrics, rhythms and dance routines. Lily and Bradley demonstrated one for me at home time and they look and sound really good. We would love to show the rest of the school our Hand Clapping games and maybe everyone would like a go. Lee Winter and Dylan Hague have tried to teach me one but I need more practise before I am as good as them!

Numicon is a Fantastic Resource!


Today the Y4’s completed the final challenge in our Numicon project. It has been a resounding success. The Y4’s have really enjoyed working in teams and solving problems. Numicon is a versatile, tactile and ergonomic tool that teaches children about number and they absolutely love it. They have been really engaged and cannot wait to solve new problems. I will be using this resource a lot more next year in Year 4. I have one more challenge that we can attempt tomorrow morning…

Investigating Square Numbers with Numicon (part 2)


For the next investigation the children had to fill the 6 x 6 square but there were certain rules.
Challenge One: The square was filled with Numicon numbers larger than five.
Challenge Two: The square was filled with only one of every shape.
Challenge Three: The square was filled with any number of the same shape.
Challenge Four: What is the fewest number of shapes needed to fill the square?

Most teams filled the square with six shapes but congratulations to Madyson’s Team who filled the 6 x 6 square with five shapes. Can you remember the answer? Write it down correctly to win some Golden Tickets.

Investigating Square Numbers with Numicon (part 1)


Today we have investigated the square number thirty-six. The children had to fill a 6 x 6 square with Numicon shapes. They carefully recorded all the results into their books. They found many different ways to fill their number squares. This was our penultimate Numicon challenge.

Ethan Stocks can throw the javelin the furthest


Congratulations to Ethan Stocks who threw the javelin further than anyone in Y4. Ethan won the cup last week but I didn’t know about his achievement until today. Let’s hope Ethan has entered the Javelin event in our Sports Day. Well done Ethan – you are a superstar!