First performance of our play.

Congratulations to everyone in Year 4 – the performance was brilliant. Everyone remembered their lines, cues, actions and etiquette! You all made me really proud and wowed the Year 3 audience. Not only are you fantastic performers, you were a super audience when the Year 3’s showed us their Amazonian tribal dance. I was really impressed with your questions and thoughts about the play. Lacey and Hannah made some excellent comments that reflected back to Mondays assembly They mentioned the performers masks and levels which Miss Gordon discussed. Issiah then told us all four levels in a rainforest. Brilliant! Big thanks to Year 3 for a great dance routine.



Salutations in Spanish!

This morning the children made hand puppets and used them to practise their Spanish greetings. I was impressed with the children who applied their learning during register because they replied in Spanish. We will be using these puppets again so keep them safe in your pigeon holes. I will award five Golden Tickets to the first person who can tell me what ‘salutations’ means.


Drama workshop with Julian

Today, the children were busy performing a small play based on a story from The Congo Republic, in Africa. The drama teacher, Julian, began the lesson by asking the children to improvise. They had to push a chair across the room without the use of arms or legs! Next, they played some instruments accompanied by a simple beat. Then, they thought of some words and actions to bring the play alive. It was a really good play and I’m hoping the children remember all their lines and cues for the performance in front of the Y 3’s.


Super workshop Printing Picasso

Today was Art Workshops and I did printing with some wonderful artists. We looked at a print of Guernica by Pablo Picasso, a Spanish artist. Each child gouged away a polystyrene tile. They could see the image of Guernica under their tile. When all the tiles were placed together it formed a jigsaw of his masterpiece. We rolled some printing ink on the pictures and carefully pressed them onto our art paper. I hope you like the results. Big thanks to Mrs Read for your support.



Performing simile poetry with the aid of Pie Corbett

This week in Year 4 we have been writing and performing poetry. We used Pie Corbett actions to help us remember the words. In Big Writing we carefully wrote our poetry onto blank A4, which we call ‘White Gold’ because it is precious and deserves our finest handwriting and attention to detail. If you pop into Year 4 you will see a display of our simile poetry above the cloakroom.


Really impressed with Y4 maths

Yesterday, in Year 4, I took some photos of the work they are doing in maths. I had asked them to take care with their work on partitioning (one number per box is my mantra) and I was impressed with the level of care the children have with the presentation of work. Keep it up Year 4.


Parallel circuits in science.

Today, in science, the children built some parallel circuits. They used a number of different components too; including motors, bulbs and buzzers. Part of the challenge was to make their own switches with cardboard, split pins and paperclips. Using their newly acquired knowledge of electrical flow, they were able to rig LED lights with Cathode and Anode points. Electrifying!


Our new School Council Representative.

This morning the class voted for the School Council Representative. About fifteen children wanted the job which astonished me. We had a secret ballot. Each child had a piece of paper and wrote the name of a girl and a boy they wanted to vote for. The papers were put in the ‘Ballot Box’ and then picked out, one by one and marked on the tally chart. I’m glad to say that every child had at least two votes each but the clear winner with a large majority was Megan Rose Weaver. Congratulations Megan, you will make a fine Council Rep because you are a good listener and communicator.



Column subtraction in Year 4

In class, today, we have been solving some column subtraction. There has been some excellent learning and I am really pleased with the attitude the children have shown. They are good listeners and have produced some neat and accurate work. I need a volunteer to demonstrate column subtraction and column addition. I thought of posting your learning onto an iPad poster. Who’s up for it?


Making Mosque 3D Sculptures in Y4

Today, in Year 4 we have celebrated Eid. In the morning the children created some Islamic patterns and then they cut out some Mosques and folded the card to make the Islamic places of worship. I think they look really good. What do you think?