WCM Dance Crew

WCM Dance Crew.

Hi Issiah, this is the site you want. I hope that next week no Golden Time is lost by any children in our class.

Competition! Competition!

Ok, this competition is open to anyone who reads this post. I will not mention it in school but If you want to mention it to anyone that’s up to you. Below is a list of all the countries who have viewed our Y4 blog. You need to produce a World Map that identifies all the countries below who have viewed the blog. This can be a paper map with stuck on flags or a computer map saved onto a memory stick. The essential idea is to identify all the countries. The winner(s) will receive 10 Golden Tickets, a giant Toblerone chocolate bar and the chance to demonstrate your map in assembly. Good luck!


Our favourite writers in Year 4

The Year 4’s were asked about their favourite authors and came with a list of their top 12. We then had a vote on which top 12 author was their favourite. Each child had two votes. Below is the children’s top 12 writers. The top three were voted the most favourite.
1. Jaqueline Wilson
2. Roald Dahl
3. Adam Blade
4. Michael Morpurgo
5. Tony Robinson
6. J.K Rowling
7. Phillip Pullman
8. Anthony Horowitz
9. S.P Gates
10. Jeremy Strong
11. Jules Verne
12. Enid Blyton

Do you know these writers? Could you recommend a book by them?