Basic Skills Test

The children below scored over 20 marks in their Basic Maths Skills. Congratulations to all of you but special mention to Ashwin and Megan who scored 25/25.



Megan Weaver is on the Rockets!

Congratulations to Megan Weaver who passed her times tables with an incredible time of 1m 8s. The fastest time in Y4 DF. She was spotted practicing her tables on the yard at social time. So come on Year 4; who is going to be the next person to pass their tables and can you beat Megan’s time? Giant Toblerone is on its way Megan!


Friction Experiment with Jelly and Oil

This afternoon the children experimented with jelly and oil. They timed themselves fishing a jelly cube out of a cup with chop-sticks and then predicted what would happen if they added oil to the jelly and chop-sticks. There were plenty of laughs and frustrated faces as the kids attempted to catch their prey. We finished our enquiry by writing up the experiment with a conclusion and diagram. Well done everybody!


Positive and Negative Numbers

Today, we have played a game called Three In A Row. The goal is to get three counters in a row! You roll two dice and decide whether to add the dice or subtract the dice. So if you roll 2 and 3 you then decide which operation to choose. If you add them the answer is 5, but if you subtract them the answer could be 1 or -1. Not only are the children learning mental addition and subtraction with positive and negative numbers, they are also deciding where to place the counters on the board to improve their chance of winning. An excellent game which we all really enjoyed. Who wants to play this again?


Children In Need

We raised over £1000 for Children In Need. The kids looks absolutely brilliant, a riot of colour and Hannah brought me a selection of cakes to try. What a truly fantastic day. Well done to everyone who dressed up, donated money or bought a bun. A great result!


Poppy Appeal.

Today we held a minutes silence in the classroom. The children coloured some poppies and left a personal message on each one. The poppies were then gathered into a wreath. I was impressed with the children’s discipline and thoughtfulness during the minutes silence but I was even more impressed with the hand-made knitted poppies that were worn by Ellie and Hannah. They are being modelled below. Congratulations Year 4!


Spelling Champions

Every Friday we have a spelling test. There are 20 questions and the children below scored 20/20. In the future I will include the child who has made the most progress. The scores are kept on a spreadsheet so all the children can monitor their progress.