Basic Maths Skills

Our last test in 2014 and we broke the class record. A great achievement! In addition, this was done without the presence of Daniel and Kyan – two top mathematicians. Well done to everyone who is on the blog and got their own personal best. Keep practising your tables because next year we are moving on to fractions.



Top spellers!

All the children below scored over 25 in the weekly spelling test. Well done to all of you.


Basic Math Skills

Congratulations to all the children below who scored over 20 marks in the maths test. Special mention to Megan and Ashwin who scored an impressive 25/25.


3d Skeleton Shapes

We finished the week making some 3d skeleton shapes. The modelling clay was used for the vertices and the straws were used for the edges. I asked the children what shape they would like to make and then I asked them what shapes we weren’t able to make. Each child received 4 x 40cm straws and had to measure and cut the right amount. I was called Mr Blob and they had to tell me what shape they were making and how many blobs of clay they needed. As you can see in the photos the skeleton shapes look brilliant. Each one is labelled with its name, edges and vertices.


Basic Maths Skills in Year 4

Every week we have a maths test in Year 4. The results are recorded and anyone who scores more than 20 goes on the blog. The tests get slightly harder each week but can you spot the children who regularly appear in the top tier? Alas, nobody scored maximum points and our regular contenders, Megan and Evan were ice-skating and Kyan is poorly. However, I’m really pleased with all the children who score above 20 and those who are making progress.