Basic Maths Skills in Year 4

Every week we have a maths test in Year 4. The results are recorded and anyone who scores more than 20 goes on the blog. The tests get slightly harder each week but can you spot the children who regularly appear in the top tier? Alas, nobody scored maximum points and our regular contenders, Megan and Evan were ice-skating and Kyan is poorly. However, I’m really pleased with all the children who score above 20 and those who are making progress.



4 thoughts on “Basic Maths Skills in Year 4

  1. Thank you Mr. French for the regular updates in your blog. It gives us parents a wonderful opportunity to know what is happening in class. We are very pleased to see Ashwin appearing in the Y4 blog frequently which I believe does motivate him to reach his potential. 🙂

    • Hello Reena, the blog is such a wonderful tool. It engages all the children and it’s really encouraging when I read posts from the parents. Later this week we are constructing 3d shapes using straws and plastercine. I wonder which shape Ashwin will choose?

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