Letters for the Kamariny children.

Today the Children wrote some letters to their pen pals in Kenya. This is the third letter we have written this year and they look fantastic. I am really pleased with the structure, content and neatness in their writing. They had plenty to talk about; Watercliffe’s Got Talent Final, The Bun Sale and the excitement of Thornbridge. I was really pleased with the amount of money we raised for the Kamariny School and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents and children who took part in the the selling, baking, advertising and counting of money. We are half way through the year and I am really excited about the learning we will all achieve in the next 6 months. Well done Year 4 – you have made a middle aged man very happy. Have a lovely break – Mr French.



We separated materials in science

Today, the Year 4’s separated some materials that were mixed in a beaker. Sand, stones and metals had been mixed with water and the children had to use magnets, filter paper and a sieve to separate the solids and liquid. After the task, children wrote the experiment up in their books with a neat, labelled diagram. It was a messy job but the children had a lot of fun with their filtration experiment.


Science – How do you separate salt and pepper?

Today, in science, Year 4 looked at a variety of methods used to separate different materials. We learnt some technical words like soluble, filtration and distillation. We watched a video about clearing floating debris from The Thames and the separation of used car parts. I then asked a question, ‘How do you separate salt and pepper?’ The answer includes these technical words: balloons, friction and static electricity. Tomorrow, the children will have time to finish the experiment in their best writing. Keep it neat and label diagrams!


The latest Maths Basic Skills.

Last Friday we had our Basic Skills Test. We have completed all the level 2-3 tests and have started the level 3 tests. They are harder and include fractions. There are 25 questions answered in as many minutes. Congratulations to Megan and Ashwin who scored full-marks and the rest who scored 20 or more. Hard lines to the children who scored 18 or 19; I hope you get on the blog next week. Thumbs up to anyone who scored PB.