Getting in shape for Sports Day

Today we have been making good use of the running track in P.E. The children were attempting to to beat their old running scores in the 40m and two laps of the running track. Big thanks to Carisha, Kyan and Issiah who helped with the starting orders and stopwatch.



Rowan Karim Passes his Times Tables

After several attempts Rowan passed his times tables. I am so proud of you Rowan. You kept coming back week after week and didn’t give in. Great perseverance! It is a special moment when children pass but this was an extra special moment. I can’t wait for you to collect your award in assembly.


More books available at Watercliffe Meadow

Y4 children helped themselves to some brand new books that arrived today. The books are really ‘cool’ and they have funny and interesting titles like “On Your FARTS, Get Set, GO!” All the children in Year 4 picked a book and have to tell Mr French when they are returned so we can keep track of the books.
‘They are awesome and I will be reading a lot more of them’ says Carisha Hyatt. ‘If you like horror, I recommend BLOOD HOUSE’ says Connor Breedon.
‘If you like humor take yourself to the shops and buy I Am Not A Loser’ says Issiah Ramsey. Report by Year 4 DF



Listening to Mr French reading

We are coming to the end of the book The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night by Mark Haddon, best book in the world. It is a funny book but it learns you a lot about prime numbers. So far we are on prime number 233 – It is an adventure book.
Report from Issiah Ramsey


Converting cm to m

This morning was sunny so we all went onto the top MUGA and took a tape measure with us…the plan was to estimate in cm the distance we could do a standing jump. We then had to convert the cm into metres. After that, we did a standing jump and measured the actual distance in cm before converting that into metres.


The Jabberwocky

Today we have looked at some of the nonsense words and phrases used by famous writers like Roald Dahl and Lewis Carroll. Below is a poem called The Jabberwocky. You can find meanings to these words if you look them up on the internet. They cannot be found in school dictionaries.