Story Sacks

Today I met my new class, parents and carers. I told them all about my story sack and showed them all the games, puppets, literacy, Maths, science and artistic ideas created around my chosen book, The Twits. I was interested in their favorite books and we discussed some ideas for their sacks. I’m really looking forward to September and seeing the Story Sacks. I was thrilled to learn that some parents had organized a get together in the summer so they could all work on their story sacks and share ideas – what a brilliant start to new year ahead.



Year Four play wind instruments in assembly

Today, the Year fours demonstrated their musical abilities by playing the Chalumeau in assembly. They played four pieces of music with increasing difficulty, utilizing four different notes. At the end they sang Just A Small Town Girl by Journey. It was very impressive and they made me feel extremely proud. Well done everyone.