Aidan and Fearn are working on division

Aidan and Fearn have been sorting colours into the correct piles. They are learning the names of colours, hand eye co-ordination and the initial sounds of the colours.




Converting cm to m

This morning was sunny so we all went onto the top MUGA and took a tape measure with us…the plan was to estimate in cm the distance we could do a standing jump. We then had to convert the cm into metres. After that, we did a standing jump and measured the actual distance in cm before converting that into metres.


Kyan Siaw passes his Times Tables

Congratulations to Kyan Siaw who passed in a superb time of 1 min 20 secs.
Kyan has the second fastest time in the class and passed the test on his first go. Well done Kyan, I glad that your on the rockets, the blog and the brag board. You have a lovely smile too!


The latest Maths Basic Skills.

Last Friday we had our Basic Skills Test. We have completed all the level 2-3 tests and have started the level 3 tests. They are harder and include fractions. There are 25 questions answered in as many minutes. Congratulations to Megan and Ashwin who scored full-marks and the rest who scored 20 or more. Hard lines to the children who scored 18 or 19; I hope you get on the blog next week. Thumbs up to anyone who scored PB.


More maths stars on the Blog

Last Friday, Y4 children had their first Basic Maths Test since the Half-term break. I was feeling a little worried because the children had two weeks off school. However, I am happy to report that we had a large number of children with PB’s (personal best) and special mention to Madison Marshall who scores 22, first time on blog, and Ashwin Pradhananga, full-marks on 25.


Basic Math Skills

Congratulations to all the children below who scored over 20 marks in the maths test. Special mention to Megan and Ashwin who scored an impressive 25/25.