Getting in shape for Sports Day

Today we have been making good use of the running track in P.E. The children were attempting to to beat their old running scores in the 40m and two laps of the running track. Big thanks to Carisha, Kyan and Issiah who helped with the starting orders and stopwatch.







Today, on the playing field, some kids and teachers played a really tough game of serious football. Shaan was the star player for Y4 he was as good as gold. Teachers vs kids can you guess who won? Teachers!!!!!!!!!! Mr B said “go back to loser ville” to the kids that put the effort in. Lily said “even though it was hot I really enjoyed it “.Reported by Georgia and Rafal.

Ethan Stocks can throw the javelin the furthest


Congratulations to Ethan Stocks who threw the javelin further than anyone in Y4. Ethan won the cup last week but I didn’t know about his achievement until today. Let’s hope Ethan has entered the Javelin event in our Sports Day. Well done Ethan – you are a superstar!

Tennis match between arch rivals!


After school I witnessed a terrific game of tennis between our Y4 teacher, Mr Arch and our P.E teacher and top sports coach, Mr Gill. I stood on the grassy knoll and took aim with my iPad camera. Both players were extremely good at their game but there was one overall winner. Congratulations to Mr Arch who won 2 sets to 0 (6-0 6-1). We have renamed the grassy knoll ‘Arch Hill’.

Georgia wins the Y4 P.E Cup


Congratulations to Georgia Sweeney who has been awarded this weeks P.E Cup. Miss Dyson complimented Georgia on her enthusiasm and the progress she made. Well done Georgia, I bet playing ‘Off The Wall’ has helped boost your stamina and endurance. Keep it up!