Rowan Karim Passes his Times Tables

After several attempts Rowan passed his times tables. I am so proud of you Rowan. You kept coming back week after week and didn’t give in. Great perseverance! It is a special moment when children pass but this was an extra special moment. I can’t wait for you to collect your award in assembly.



Aqsa Iqbal passes her times tables

Congratulations to Aqsa who passed her tables in just under one and a half minutes. I really liked her dedication and determination – she didn’t give up and passed on her third attempt. Well done Agsa – you’re a star!


Hollie Passes her Times Tables

Congratulations to Hollie Bellamy who passed her Times Tables with an impressive time of 1:45 minutes. Hollie was a bit nervous before the test and requested that her friend, Megan Weaver, read out the questions. She stumbled on two questions but recovered and answered all 20 in under two minutes. Well done Hollie – you are a STAR!


Megan Weaver is on the Rockets!

Congratulations to Megan Weaver who passed her times tables with an incredible time of 1m 8s. The fastest time in Y4 DF. She was spotted practicing her tables on the yard at social time. So come on Year 4; who is going to be the next person to pass their tables and can you beat Megan’s time? Giant Toblerone is on its way Megan!


Erin on the Rockets!


Congratulations to Erin Dalton, our latest rocketeer! She kept her cool and passed with an amazing time of 1 minute and 23 seconds. An amazing result. This was Erin’s second attempt and it was clear she had put in all the revision and hard work. All our Y4’s have a Times Table Test (T.T.T) date on the calendar. Every child knows who is having a TTT that week which adds to the pressure.
Well done Erin, Mr French and all the children in Y4 are really proud of you.

Abdullah is our latest Rocket boy!


Congratulations to Abdullah who passed his times tables in a time of 1 minute and 40 seconds. This was Abdullah’s third attempt and he showed great resilience. Abdullah said, “I feel good because I passed my tables and now I want my divisions.” Mr French and all of Year 4 are really proud of you because you never gave in and you put in a great amount of effort.

Abes Beg is the new Rocket Man!

Congratulations to Abes Beg who has joined our illustrious team on the Rockets. Abes Beg was really composed, cool and calm. He managed to answer all twenty questions in a time of 1m 50s. However, he spent 20 seconds working out one question at the end of the challenge. Abes could have passed in 1m 30 sec. The children and myself are really pleased with you Abes. Those late nights working on your tables has really paid off. Well done.

Shaan Ali passes his Times Tables.

Congratulations to Shaan Ali who passed his Times Tables Test. He was a little nervous but composed himself and passed in a time of 1m 54s. This will certainly give Shaan a huge amount of confidence and satisfaction. He has worked hard to pass this test and Mr French, Taha and all the children in Year 4 are really proud of you. Keep up the hard work and you shall be rewarded!

Lily Colley is on the Rockets!

Congratulations to Lily Colley on passing her Times Tables. This was an excellent achievement for Lily as she showed great resilience and kept coming back and asking for a test. The tenacious times table trooper passed in a time of 1m and 57s. Well done Lily, Y4 children, Mr French and your mum are really proud of you.