The Latest Craze in Year 4


A new craze is sweeping through my class. Hand Clapping games have been a popular pastime for many years and the children love them. The kids have found one they like on Youtube and copied it. Other children have changed the lyrics, rhythms and dance routines. Lily and Bradley demonstrated one for me at home time and they look and sound really good. We would love to show the rest of the school our Hand Clapping games and maybe everyone would like a go. Lee Winter and Dylan Hague have tried to teach me one but I need more practise before I am as good as them!


‘Off the Wall’ is starting to catch on!

At social time I tried to beat Georgina’s high score of 31. I succeeded with 32. My triumph was only short lived however, because the reigning champ (and Y4 P.E weekly winner) arrived and got a personal best of 34! This is a great game for anyone who loves a challenge and likes to keep fit. As you can see from the photos, this game is open to everyone regardless of age or ability. Congratulations to Bronwyn and Georgia from Y2 who took up the challenge and both scored PB’s. We would love to see Mr Read and Mrs Bradley have a go and beat Georgia’s high score.