Year Four play wind instruments in assembly

Today, the Year fours demonstrated their musical abilities by playing the Chalumeau in assembly. They played four pieces of music with increasing difficulty, utilizing four different notes. At the end they sang Just A Small Town Girl by Journey. It was very impressive and they made me feel extremely proud. Well done everyone.


More books available at Watercliffe Meadow

Y4 children helped themselves to some brand new books that arrived today. The books are really ‘cool’ and they have funny and interesting titles like “On Your FARTS, Get Set, GO!” All the children in Year 4 picked a book and have to tell Mr French when they are returned so we can keep track of the books.
‘They are awesome and I will be reading a lot more of them’ says Carisha Hyatt. ‘If you like horror, I recommend BLOOD HOUSE’ says Connor Breedon.
‘If you like humor take yourself to the shops and buy I Am Not A Loser’ says Issiah Ramsey. Report by Year 4 DF



The Jabberwocky

Today we have looked at some of the nonsense words and phrases used by famous writers like Roald Dahl and Lewis Carroll. Below is a poem called The Jabberwocky. You can find meanings to these words if you look them up on the internet. They cannot be found in school dictionaries.


100 posts on WordPress!

Hooray! Year 4 has reached 100 posts on WordPress. The notification came through just after I published the ‘technical glitch post’. The first post was published on April 3rd 2013 – so that’s an average of a post every 4 days or just under 2 a week since we began. Big thanks to anyone who has appeared, seen or commented on the blog. Mr French. X


Technical Difficulties

Dear blog followers. Big apologies for the lack of posts since Thornbridge. I have had a technical bug affecting the system! I’m not talking about children beyond or feeling poorly. My iPad has a technical glitch and I cannot fix it. In the past I used Pic Collage to upload all my photos but when I upload them now – the iPad switches off. This is very frustrating and I have had to use an inferior photo app to upload my photos. I hope you are still enjoying the posts – have a super half-term, from Mr French.


Steampunk Story

This last half-term Mr Smith has been helping us with our writing. We have written about characters and settings in a structured way with added description, movement and atmosphere. I feel the writing in Year 4 has made a significant leap and the ideas we learnt from that Steampunk session have evolved in other pieces of writing. Well done everyone and a big thank you to Steve Smith.